Gatorz versus OutLaw Eyewear and Liquid Eyewear


OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC Black frame with Gray Polarized lenses


Gatorz Magnum Black Tactical sunglass


Liquid Eyewear Gasket Black Tactical frame with Gray Polarized lenses

Are you a dedicated Gatorz customer? Unfortunately Gatorz Eyewear went out of business and declared bankruptcy, but they are coming back. We have stock, but it is limited.

Luckily, carries other brands that are just as good as Gatorz.

Everything we sell is made of aluminum, is very adjustable, fits very well under a helmet and comm system, and is designed for Military and motorcycle use.

The Gatorz Magnum has been our most popular model for a long time. It was the number 1 seller for Navy and Air Force customers. These customers have already started buying the OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive, Black Tactical frame with Gray Polarized lenses. It is extremely similar in shape and size, and it has Ballistic protection Gray Polarized lenses. It is the most similar sunglass to the Magnum available.

The Gatorz Wraptor has been the most popular model for Skydiving customers. The Liquid Eyewear Player is equally good for Skydiving with the sleek curvy frame style.

The Gatorz Radiator is the classic Gatorz style that has been popular with motorcycle riders and general bad-asses since the beginning. The OutLaw Eyewear Cooler is the extremely similar and size and shape, and it has Ballistic Protection Gray Polarized lenses. 

Please see the customer migration guide below to help you make your buying decision.

OutLaw Fugitive
Liquid Player
OutLaw Cooler
Gatorz Magnum
Gatorz Wraptor
Gatorz Radiator