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OutLaw Eyewear Cooler Black frame with Extra Dark Transition lenses- For Motorcycle riding and Skydiving

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OutLaw Eyewear Cooler sunglass, black aluminum construction frame with Transition day-night lenses

Attitude by Design. The OutLaw Eyewear Cooler is a High Performance Bad Ass Aluminum Military and Motorcycle Sunglass. The Aluminum Alloy Frame Construction and Shatter Resistant 2.0mm 100% UV Blocking Polycarbonate lenses ensure that these sunglasses are built to take a beating. The Dual Surface Mount Spring Hinges hold it all together and make the glasses comfortably grip your head.

The Lenses are the newer Extra Dark Transitions Shatter Resistant day-night lenses. They are clear while indoors or at nighttime, and they turn dark during the day when exposed to the Sun's UV rays. These are not the ordinary Transition lenses. They are darker than earlier Transition lenses.

The Modern Wrap-Around lens shape really protects you from the Wind, Dust, and the Sun. The lenses are curvy, yet they wrap-around the face for intense protection. You get an ultra tight fit to keep the wind out due to the Spring Hinges that allow the arms to hug the side of your head. Wear them on the yard or on the road, just don’t leave your OutLaw’s behind.

  • Wind Protection-High
  • Size-Fits Small and Medium size Men. Fits Medium to Large face size Women. Fits people with Flat faces, as well as Round. The entire frame is adjustable for a Precision-Tuned Fit.
  • Warranty- 2 Years on the Frame
  • Ability to See Eyes through Lenses- Only when lenses are not transformed to dark
  • Includes Soft cleaning cloth/bag and Hard Case
  • Price- Very reasonable for a sunglass that you can use during the day and night.
We can make Extreme Wrap Prescription lenses in this wrap sunglass frame. Contact us for details at or 949-427-1786.

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  • 5
    the best

    Posted by mike on 2nd Dec 2017

    these are the best glass very sleek just cool thanks out law eye wear and nice staff to thanks again

  • 4

    Posted by Frank Cummins on 19th Jun 2017

    I like the look of this sunglass as it is very streamlined and the wind rolls right over it. I'm heavy set so it is slightly small on me, but it fits my bro that is 180 pounds. If you are a really big guy, get the bigger Fugitive model. If you are not, this looks great.

    It is very useful as I can wear it during the day, and at night. I only need 1 sunglass with me.

  • 5
    Really good looking

    Posted by Frank Travis on 5th Dec 2016

    These look the best as they have that sleek wrap look. As the lenses are day-night capable, I don't have to use 2 different glasses. It is fully capable of day and night use. I get no wind or sun when on my bike or in the car

  • 4
    OutLaw Transition

    Posted by Billy on 18th Dec 2015

    I have bought several glasses from Gatorz & Liquids. All though this is the first pair of Outlaws I have bought. I'm very impressed as always with there products! I like the springs on the hinges it makes them fit snugly so they stay on your face at high speeds & they look nice.

  • 5
    Bad Ass and Wind Protection

    Posted by Shannon B. from Herriman, Utah on 11th Nov 2013

    As soon as I took the glasses out of the case I was immediately impressed.

    The shape and design will allow me to maintain a professional look when wearing them at work and give me that “Sleek & Cool” look during the leisure activities… OK, so I’m really thinking “Badass” look.

    I like the way they feel. They are light but still have a substantial feel about them, making me think they will stand up to all the rigors of outdoor activities.

    The springs on the ear piece allow them to adjust specifically to the size of my head and have just enough tension to hold snug to my face and stay in place, yet they are very comfortable and don’t leave marks on my head or give me a headache. I guess I could just say they have perfect spring tension.

    The transition lenses are awesome. The transition is smooth and I didn’t even notice it since my vision stayed the same comfortable brightness throughout. It was my wife who brought it to my attention that they had turned near completely dark shortly after we had went outdoors. It is amazing how clear the lens are. I always hated getting caught out on my motorcycle at night with nothing but dark sunglasses on, almost unable to see anything in the dark. It happened occasionally when I had set out earlier in the day when the sun was out and I didn’t think at the time to bring clear glasses because I might not get back home before dark. (No helmet law in UT). With the Outlaw transition lenses there is no need to think about that any more. I even walked into the house and almost forgot I had them on, although it took a while.

    All in all, they are sleek, comfortable, stylish, versatile and as I sure I’ll find out, made to last. In a word, they are Badass.

  • 5
    Better than the Gatorz Radiator

    Posted by Eugene Franklin on 7th Nov 2013

    I love my OutLaw Eyewear Cooler. It is shaped just like the Gatorz Radiator, but it has nicer spring hinges and the frame metal stays in place better when you adjust it. These Transition lenses are the best as I don't need to carry 2 glasses with me. I use these all day and night.

    I was a Gatorz Radiator fan for 8 years, but now I will stick with this model as it is lower priced and I love the more comfortable hinges.

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