The OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC Shooter is a High Performance Ultra Bad-Ass Aluminum Millitary and Motorcycle Sunglass. The Aluminum Frame Construction and Shatter Resistant 2.0mm 100% UV Blocking Polycarbonate lenses ensure that these sunglasses are built Rock Solid to protect you against anything you encounter. The Yellow lenses increase contrast for precision in darkness to medium light. The Intense Squarish lens shape is modern, yet extremely protective from Wind, Dust, and the Sun. The Dual Spring Hinges to keep it all together. Wear them on the Shooting Range or on the road, just don’t leave your OutLaw’s behind.

  • Lenses are Hi-Def Yellow for Shooting and Night use. 
  • Wind Protection-High
  • Size-Fits Medium, and Large Men. The entire frame is adjustable for a Precision Tuned Fit.
  • Ability to see eyes through lenses- Yes
  • Warranty- 2 Years on the Frame
  • Includes Soft cleaning cloth/bag and Hard Case
  • Achieved ANSI Z87.1-2015 for Impact protection compliance

Prescription lenses  available. Fax your Prescription with Pupil Distance (PD) written on it to 408-351-0600 when you place the order. Feel free to call Customer service at 949-427-1786 to speak with an extreme-wrap Prescription Expert.

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Brightens things up

Steven Sterns on 5th Dec 2016

These yellow lenses really brightens things up. I can use them during the day to see better in the shadows, or when I'm shooting to sharpen things up. They are really not for very sunny conditions for driving or riding. They are great for when the sun starts going down, or at night. As they are shatter-resistant, I can use them when I work in the shop


Grant Spray on 9th Nov 2015

I like these shades to help me see better at night. They are better than my old clear glasses.I can see the road better with them on, especially with oncoming headlights.

Increases night vision

Eric Cranston on 9th Nov 2015

I use these when shooting with the boys, and when the sun is low. It helps to see in the shadows and increases contrast. I will start using them at night instead of my old clear glasses. It also really keeps the wind and dust out when it blows.

I can see at night

Jeff Brownburg on 9th Nov 2015

When I wear these at night, I can see the road much better than with clear lense. It is like it brightens up the available light a little. It also cuts down on the glare from headlights. I also use them when the sun goes down and comes up.