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Prescription Gatorz, OutLaw Eyewear Sunglasses


MetalSunglasses has been making Battle Ready Military and Motorcycle prescription lenses for Gatorz Eyewear and OutLaw Eyewear sunglasses since 2001.

Many of our brave Navy Seals, Marines, Airmen, and Army soldiers are protecting our nation with our prescription glasses on.

We only use Shatter-Resistant Pathfinder lens material to give you the maximum impact protection. These are not your standard prescription lenses. 

These Extreme-Wrap Prescription lenses give you vision correction and protection all the way around the side of your eyes. You will not know how you ever lived without them.

Your Prescription must have the Pupil Distance (PD) written on it. When you place your order, please fax your prescription to us at 408-351-0600 fax, or take a picture or scan and email it to us at

There are too many Prescription lens options to display on the website. If you don't see the type of lenses or color that you want, please contact us and we will help you via telephone or email.

Call us at 408-538-1571 and we will be happy to help you. We have an expert Extreme-wrap sunglass consultant in the office every day, including the weekends.

Start by choosing the frame style that you like.


Here is a video of the state of the art lab equipment used in fabricating the prescription lenses.

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