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• 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum • 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection • Gatorz TruRay Optics scratch resistant lenses • Double riveted hinge design • 5-Barrel hinges • Distortion free lenses • Adjustable frame • Made in USA

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great product enhanced by superlative service

Edward Zampella, MD on 8th Sep 2017

I'm thrilled w my gatorz polarized w prescription lenses. It was a pleasure working w the sho. Prompt delivery.


Dennis P on 14th Jan 2015

I have ordered about three pair of Gatorz from MetalSunglasses over the years and have always been happy with them. Matt has always been great to deal with and is genuinely interested in making the customer happy. My latest order was my first order for Prescription Gatorz in Orange Gradient and they are fantastic. The prescription is accurate, gradient right on, etc. Great experience.

Gatorz Magnum prescription for military use

Josh Sinkovitz on 14th Jan 2015

I am in the military, and I can't mess around with vision problems. Our standard issue glasses just protect us from the front. They do not offer side protection, or good dust protection overall. These prescription Gatorz Magnums protect my eyes in every spot, and I just can't believe how good the vision correction is on the sides. I have never been able to see to the sides as my glasses have always been flat. Now I can see all around me, and I am much safer. I need close and distance correction, so I got a Progressive prescription. I only want to have 1 pair of glasses, so I got the Transition lenses that go from light to dark, and dark to light. I am in the sand a lot, and often in humid climates, so I got the scratch protection coating that also has anti-fog. I had to talk to them on the phone for that, but it was no problem. The glasses are protected and I don't get foggy. Even if you don't get these, try to buy American made products. These are made in the USA.

Gatorz Magnum Prescription

Brian S. on 27th Apr 2014

I purchased these Gatorz Magnum Prescription glasses after breaking a pair of expensive “name brand” prescription glasses while working on-duty as a police officer in Southern California. I've been using these Gatorz prescription Magnums every day since they arrived from Metalsunglasses.com and they have worked flawlessly. The fit and finish is outstanding! They are made of high grade aluminum and feel light and durable. My vision is not terrible, but I recently developed a stigmatism which causes a haloing effect in various lighting situations. The custom ground lenses in the Gatorz Magnums from Metalsunglasses.com completely correct the stigmatism, giving me clarity and visual precision throughout my work day. Furthermore, these sunglasses keep enough bright sunlight out to be comfortable without being so dark as to cause issues when moving from outdoors to inside. Overall these are awesome glasses whether you need prescription lenses or not. That said, based on price and quality, the Gatorz prescription Magnums from Metalsunglasses are a must buy for those looking for comfortable, durable, sunglasses and those who work in public safety, the military, and/or enjoy outdoor athletic activities. As for Metalsunglasses.com, I couldn’t be more impressed with a company that really knows their product and is working hard to get customers the very best in custom prescription lenses. Every person is different and so are their eyes and uses. I feel like the staff at Metalsunglasses.com made sure they followed through with getting me in the perfect pair of prescription Gatorz. Best of all they are made 100% in the USA.