MetalSunglasses has been making Battle Ready Military and Motorcycle prescription lenses for Gatorz Eyewear and OutLaw Eyewear sunglasses since 2001.

Many of our brave Navy Seals and Army soldiers are protecting our nation with our prescription glasses on.

We only use Shatter-Resistant Pathfinder lens material to give you the maximum impact protection. These are not your standard prescription lenses. 

These Extreme-Wrap Prescription lenses give you vision correction and protection all the way around the side of your eyes. You will not know how you ever lived without them.

Some of our competitors use a Prescription Insert inside of their standard sunglass. This is unacceptable to us. 

Our technology allows us to put your prescription right into lenses that fit into the frame.

You can choose from Single Vision for distance, traditional bifocals, or the more modern no-line Progressive Prescription lenses.

Standard Gray, Polarized Gray, Extra Dark Transition day-night light transforming, Clear, and Shooting Yellow tints are available.

Check out some of the prescription lens options here:

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More option are available by contacting our customer service at 408-538-1571, via the Live Chat below, or at [email protected]