Gatorz Aluminum Eyewear Focuses on Obstacle Course Race (OCR) and Crossfit Athlete Steve Dee

This week, Gatorz focuses on Obstacle Course Racer (OCR), Steve Dee. Steve is an Elite Obstacle Course Race (OCR) and adventure race athlete who is committed to both training and nutrition for increased athletic performance. Steve is a native of Central New Jersey and has been running in obstacle courses since July of 2010. “I ran my first Spartan Race at Blue Mountain Pennsylvania and fell in love with the sport”. Since 2011 Steve runs a full race schedule and has been to the Spartan Race World Championship in 2012 and 2013. Always looking for new ways to improve physical strength and endurance Steve found Crossfit early in 2012 and became somewhat obsessed with the idea of functional movements constantly varied at high intensity. In 2013 Steve started entering Crossfit competitions and is now competitive in OCR and Crossfit events. 2014 promises to be another incredibly competitive year with a full schedule of events.

To ensure proper protection from the elements, Steve always competes in his Gatorz Magnum Aluminum Sunglasses.

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