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How to Adjust Gatorz and OutLaw Eyewear Aluminum Motorcycle and Skydiving Sunglasses for a "Precision Tuned Fit"tm

Posted by Mark on 10th Feb 2014

Gatorz Eyewear and OutLaw Eyewear provide the ultimate in Motorcycle, Military, and Skydiving Wind Protection due to the Aluminum frame construction and the ability to adjust it to fit your face snugly. As the frames are made of Aluminum metal, you just bend it to fit the shape of your head. They hug the front and sides of your face like a glove. 

This adjustability also makes sure the temples fit well under your motorcycle, military combat helmet, or skydiving helmet. You can't do that with plastic sunglasses or with standard optical glasses.

Here is how you adjust the frames on all of our Aluminum Sunglasses:

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