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After market Foam insert for the Gatorz Radiator. This foam insert is great for helping to keep the wind and dust out while using your Gatorz Radiator motorcycle aluminum sunglass. This is not made by Gatorz, but it is made for the Gatorz Radiator. This part uses little hooks to attach to the frame so you don't have to permanently attach it with adhesive. It can be put on or removed as you please.

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Joseph Riley on 17th Apr 2016

It does help keep the wind out when riding fast or in the sand. As it is foam, it may not last for ever, but it is not that expensive. I just bought 2 to make sure I am covered for long enough.

Makes Wind Protection Better on the Gatorz Radiator

Paul James on 29th Oct 2013

Once I got the Foam Insert on, it worked great. It helped keep some of the wind out that I get once in a while on the sides. I took a ride in the desert recently, and dust normally gets in there. This foam kept it out. It also helps keep the sweat out. When I am not riding, I just slide the hooks over the top and the foam part comes right off. It is easy to use now that I know how to do it.