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Gatorz All Model Nose Piece and Screw Repair Kit.

Fits Gatorz Magnum, Gatorz Wraptor, Gatorz Radiator, and Gatorz Boxter.

Forget about paying the repair center for a repair when all you need a new nose piece. Just buy this aftermarket part and install it yourself. It includes the nose piece and screws. All you need is a little screwdriver. 

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Great Product

Kevin R. Mercier on 2nd Apr 2018

I have owned my Gatorz for ten years. This is the first time I have changed my nose piece. This works fine

No need to send Gatorz in for repair

Fred Steinberg on 10th May 2016

I thought I would need to pay $49 to get my Gatorz repaired at the factory. This $10 part saved me from doing that. I can't tell the difference between this part and the one that came with my glasses originally.

Perfect Replacement

Bill V on 10th May 2016

Came as advertised. Excellent customer support.

Just like the original

Jeff Ramon on 21st Mar 2016

This is really good, just like the original. I only wish that they could make the screws better so they would be easier to screw in. Perhaps that is just part of the sunglass design though.

the nose knows

J.S.S. Arlington, TX on 20th Mar 2016

A top notch replacement for the original nose piece.

Saves you money on Repairs

Steven Johnston on 22nd Oct 2014

This is just like the original Gatorz nose piece. It even has the little screws that you need. It saves us from sending the sunglass for 2 weeks to the factory for repair.

Screw the Repair center- buy these

Debbie Lawson on 1st Feb 2014

My husband has about a dozen pairs of Gatorz, and we were always sending them in for the $39 repair service. He wears the glasses a lot in the heat, and the nose piece gets full of sticky stuff and wears out. I started buying these for $10, and we no longer need to send them in. We save $29/sunglass every year, which amounts to about $300. Thanks for making this repair part available.